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"Making you beautiful one strand at a time"

Reviews and Testimonials


Louanne's expertise, execution and intuition with her use of extensions is simply incredible. After a bad bout of overcorrection of color and terribly damaged hair I went to Louanne with the expectation that no one could help. She sat me down and immediately went to work. Somehow she was able to blend colors and entirely hide the mess I had created. It looked so natural, the best part was everyone's confusion as to how my hair grew overnight!
I trust her entirely and she always produces amazing results. My own hair quality has even improved remarkably due to her suggestions of care. I've been using Louanne's services for 7 months now and will continue to long after my hair has grown out because she does such beautiful work. She's truly an artist!  


LuAnn is amazing! Of all the extension methods out there, I thought sew-in was the only one I could have because I work out everyday, sweat a ton and blowdry and round brush my hair A LOT! I got referred to LuAnn through a friend and chatted with her for a while on the phone about her method - beaded row extensions. I wasn't sure how well this method would stay in my hair because it seemed too good to be true. All I can say is I was blown away that after 3 weeks they had hardly moved, my hair was lighter/not as heavy as with sew ins, and dried faster because I wasn't having to dry a thick weft every day. PLUS the maintenance is WAY cheaper than sew-in. LuAnn - you are now stuck with me so I will forbid you from ever moving or relocating! I am a client for life.


OMG!! I love my hair extensions!! I have been through several stylist trying to find one that can put in and move up my extension without ripping out all me hair! Louanne is the best. She is very careful not to damage your hair. Finally my hair is growing. The quality of the hair is outstanding!! She is very knowledgeable about hair quality, length and color! She is without a doubt the best extension specialist I have encountered!


I wish there were enough words for me to express my gratitude to louanne at clarity hair extensions. She got me in very last minute as I was very disappointed for the past 3 years hopping from one extension salon to the next.  To describe louanne as an expert and perfectionist is an understatement. She's professional, warm, welcoming but most of all the value she provides. She really knows the ins and outs of all extension types and makes sure she is doing what's best for the integrity of your hair. I've tried many places in sd and louanne hands down has my business and loyalty. Please see photos for more evidence of what type of quality you will receive from louanne. I now have a beautiful thick balayage with no damage.


 Louane is amazing. I have been going to her for almost 3 years now, and have always had a wonderful experience. She listens to what you want and does her best to make sure you walk out feeling great about your hair. Whenever I've asked for adjustments, she's more than happy to work with me to make sure I'm comfortable. She gives great advice for care as well. Her prices are very fair, and I drive all the way from Orange County just to see her. Best place for hair extensions by far. 


 So I have been doing my hair with Louanne for almost 2 years . She always make sure to take care your concerns and work on your schedule . I usually like drive to her places since it is not very far a driving , I also like how friendly she is all the time . She always do a good job, and I think the price Clarity offers is extremely reasonable in this competitive market .

So I highly recommend someone try it out and make sure do ur adjustment with her consistently based on ur hair condition , it makes the extension lasts really long on you :)